Why EYI is Needed

In CRCSD in 2019, only 82% of all students graduated in 4 years; only 73% of African American students graduated. (educateiowa.gov) ​

Each HS drop out costs the community nearly $300,000 in services, crime, etc. over their life span (Graduation Alliance, 2017).

How EYI will Benefit Youths & Community

Through provision of quality services, EYI will:

  • ​Increase the graduation rate of Cedar Rapids youth.​
  • Reduce the number living in poverty as adults.​
  • Reduce crime and the number of juveniles in the criminal justice system.​
  • Reduce the cost of services on the community.​
  • Improve physical and mental health and overall quality of life.

Which Youths Does EYI Serve?

In its inaugural 2021-22 school year, EYI is serving:

  • High school students from any of the Cedar Rapids Community School District high schools - Jefferson, Kennedy, Metro, and Washington - who are at risk of school failure or drop-out.
  • Young people under 21 who have already dropped out of high school but now have a goal of getting a high school diploma or equivalency.

In future academic years, EYI plans to expand its services to youths at risk of school failure or drop out in:
  • Grades 6-8 in all middle schools in the CRCSD.
  • All elementary schools in the CRCSD, starting at age 7.