Empowering Youths of Iowa's services are holistic and individualized. EYI identifies each youth's needs, strengths, and preferences through a variety of means (one-on-one discussions, interest and ability surveys, interviews with and surveys of the youth's parent or guardian, and information from referring school staff) and in a variety of life's aspects:

  • Academics
  • Life Skills
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Employment Readiness

Based on each youth's needs, strengths, and preferences, an individualized plan to address identified needs and to support the youth in achieving their goals and dreams is developed collaboratively by the youth, their parent or guardian when possible, their EYI mentor, and EYI staff.

The individualized plan identifies services EYI will provide in the areas listed below and what the youth and their parent or guardian will do to reach the youth's goals. EYI services include:

When and Where are EYI Services Provided?

EYI is located in the Human Services Campus, 317 7th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, close to the city bus terminal.

All EYI services, whether from staff or volunteer mentors, take place outside the youth's school hours, typically late afternoons Monday-Friday. If the youth has already dropped out of high school, services are provided based on a schedule agreed upon by the youth and EYI.