Life Skills

Like academic skills, life skills are often best learned in the context of real life. EYI uses teachable moments to teach essential life skills, such as teaching a youth who is hungry how to make a healthy snack or how to follow a recipe to make a nutritious meal in EYI's kitchen. Or, teaching a youth who just received their very first paycheck how to open a bank account by going to the bank. Here are just a few of the life skills EYI teaches on an as needed basis:

Our keys to success include:

  • Money management, banking, and financial literacy.
  • Getting a driver's license or state-issued ID.
  • Getting a Social Security card or other important documents.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Community awareness and access.
  • Connecting with parenting classes and support.
  • Use of public services and public transportation.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.