Teach, Lead, Mentor and Empower

Volunteer with Empowering Youths of Iowa

How can a young person build a future without the proper support and resources? Some youths may feel as though the odds are stacked against them. Empowering Youths of Iowa is a nonprofit organization focused on changing that. Our mentorship and training programs are designed to connect young people with the education, support and resources they need to succeed.

Our community needs more youth support

There are many reasons we see a need for these services in our community. Four-year graduation rates among Black, Hispanic and White students have increased since 2016, but the rate is lowering for Asian and Native American students, students in special education and low-income students.

Plus, Iowa is above the national average in diagnosing children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Furthermore, Generation Z (ages 0-19) accounts for 16% of ADHD diagnoses. This condition makes focusing difficult, which causes students with ADHD to be more likely to drop out. Our mission is to empower at-risk young people, improving their lives through community-based education, mentoring, employment readiness and enriched programs.

Programs for all ages

Our programs are available to a wide range of young people. We work with:

  • Ages 7-11 - we provide mentors who strive to guide these young people, removing the negative reinforcers that can turn a student off from school.
  • Ages 12-14 - we provide mentors that serve as developmental role models for young people looking for direction and hope.
  • Ages 15-19 - we work with youths at risk of dropping out to encourage a change in thinking through mentoring and group activities.

Mentoring programs foster positive changes through goal setting, self-discipline, skill development and friendship.

Our programs are designed to help different students succeed. These include:

  • Groundbreakers: providing a structured program of support to at-risk middle schoolers.
  • Flipsiders: focusing on students who are chronically suspended from middle and high schools.
  • Higher Ground: engaging youth who are involved in the juvenile court system.
  • Snack Buddies: working with children from local elementary and middle schools.

Find out more about our programs now by speaking with our founder.

Making a difference, one student at a time

At Empowering Youths of Iowa, we work with youth who are overcoming stressors in their lives. This can include poverty, discrimination, abusive situations, addictions, unstable homes and academic struggles. Caring adult mentors are matched with youths to assist with things like education, life skills and careers. When adult mentors connect with young people, many youths and their families report improved relations at home.

We work hard to motivate Iowa youths to improve their lives while also providing them with the resources they need to do so. We want to help them face challenges, address problems, build confidence and attain growth. Our programs can also reduce community poverty, decrease the number of youths in the criminal justice system and help young people move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Are you interested in becoming an adult mentor? Maybe you know of a youth who could benefit from our services. Call 319-343-8118 now to get in touch with us.